Philippines Vacation : Travel Guide And Memoir by [Rundell, Marina]

Philippines Vacation Travel Guide and Memoir Ebook

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War and Mystery Novel

This drama is guaranteed to keep you guessing!

This Novel is dedicated to Rosenda T. B. and Gabriel B. Copyright © 1996

Novel by Marina RundellBrief Description:  Rod goes to the Philippines where he discovers his aunt's secret of how she witnesses the murder of the man she loves.  From flashbacks of war times that must be resolved in modern day, Rod and the woman he loves find themselves in a similar situation as his aunt. 


What Can You Tell About This Gold? is excellent!  I couldn’t quit reading it.  What a great, original story.  You are to be commended and congratulated for such a great novel!  What an excellent job of describing things.  I could just picture the landscape and the action that was happening.  It was great reading material.  I was glad I read it!” --Paulette Lyman, Dallas, Texas, plyman @ sbcglobal.net

Excerpt from CHAPTER ONE

           Sometimes, Rod felt that receiving mail was a curse, and today was no exception.  Having arrived at his apartment after work, he wanted to ignore his mailbox, but unlocked it anyway.  Inside his apartment, he rummaged through his mail.

            Any thoughts he might have had about a restful evening ended after finding a letter from his aunt.  He opened the envelope and inside was a note which said:  “Go to the salamagi tree.”

            He wondered what the note meant.  It didn’t detail the flowery weather in her hemisphere of the world like in her previous letters.  Maybe his aunt was losing her mind.

          Again, he looked over the note:  “Salamagi”—His aunt was referring to the tamarind tree in the village where she lived.  “Go to”—The last time he read a note similar to this was when he was still wearing bell-bottoms, children’s size, of course.

          “Go to?”  He hadn’t played that game since he was ten.  He was thirty-one.  Did she expect him to take the note seriously?  To drop everything and go to the salamagi tree?  Maybe she was really going “ahg-kah-bahw,” the local term for senility in her village.  

          He walked down the hallway to his bedroom, removed his wallet from his pocket, and threw it on the dresser.  The wallet struck the lampshade which crashed to the floor.  He snatched the lamp and smashed it on the floor.  His work, these days, was having that kind of effect on him.  Seven years in engineering, which consisted of many overtime hours, made him consider giving his two-week’s notice.  

          Feeling better after throwing the lamp on the floor, he wished he could disengage the burden of his family as easily, especially his aunt who was sending a vague note.  He picked up the lamp and returned it to the dresser, making a mental note to put off buying a new one.

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