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Thanks to software, screenwriting format has become very easy.  It is hard to imagine writing a script without the software creating the structure.  Imagine before computers when script format had to be "typed" and wasn't "automatic."  That is, as you write, the software is smart enough to figure out where to put your text.  However, at times, you still have to specify where to put the text.  This happens when dialogue is accidentally added in action and vice versa.  Still, with software, this can easily be fixed.  Imagine trying to fix this in a typewriter!

The basic format is to have the title at the top of the page, type in EXT for Exterior Scene or INT for interior scene, then the location, and then the time of day.  Example:  EXT.  PARK-DAY.  Also, direction commands such as "DISSOLVE" are placed on the correct location on the page.  Furthermore, the name of the character and the actual dialogue are centered.  Thanks to software, this is done for you.  So you don't have to worry about format as long as you buy the software.

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