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This ebook is FREE! at EBH Only. Text your name and email to 913-269-3177 and indicate this ebook. You will be emailed the ebook absolutely FREE! Screenwriting Collection Ebook includes: Jumpstart Your Movie Scripts, Attending A Pitchfest, Going To A Screenwriting Expo and Free Gifts!


The purpose of Screenwriting Collection is to provide you with the most comprehensive information and strategies you will need after you have made the decision to write a screenplay.

Thus, you will receive updates with new information and you can email the author should you have any questions.

The first ebook in this collection is Jumpstart Your Movie Scripts. Included are the following topics: How important are movie scripts? Why write movie scripts? How reading screenplays and watching movies can help. The reality of revisions. What movie scripts will you write? How and why screenwriting software can help you write. How to protect yourself and your work. People Resources--Who can help you sell your script. Non-People Resources--To help sell your script. Where can you market your work yourself? Where else can writers find work? What you need to know when your screenplay is purchased or optioned. Screenwriters and their writing process. Summary and screenwriter profiles.

The second ebook is Attending A Pitchfest. This compiles information regarding what to do before and after you pay for the event, what to expect on the very important morning of registration, and some of the screenwriting and pitching tips used by the guest speakers. Not only that, you will find out what was said by the agents’ and managers’ panel.

You will discover what pitching is all about and what happens during this exciting day. A fellow writer best described this day. He said that as a previous resident of the Los Angeles area, he described the city as "very awake." However, the town where he has since moved is "very sleepy." A pitchfest is the former.

Finally, the third ebook is Going To A Screenwriting Expo. This is a collection of journal entries from the four days of attendance at Screenwriting Expo 5. There are many events to choose from depending on what you want to learn and the notes from this great event will definitely be a great asset to you.

In addition to these three amazing ebooks, you also receive three excellent free gifts:

  • How To Watch Movies As A Director, Actor, Screenwriter

  • These Film Directors

  • Actors And Scripts

With these three ebooks and the free gifts by your side, you will gain the knowledge you must know and the "very awake" confidence you will need.




What is a screenplay?  If screenwriters are “architects” of today’s motion pictures, then the screenplay is the “written, structural foundation” from which the movie will base its work.  In summary, a screenplay is the written story that will be made into a movie.

This fundamental importance of a screenwriter or that of any writer, is reiterated by Columbia President, Amy Pascal, who is quoted in Ron Suppa’s book, This Business of Screenwriting

“Without writers, we’d have nothing.  They’re the foundation of the movie business.”

The fact that the movie business would not exist first without writers emphasizes the importance of screenplays.  But just how significant is the screenplay or script to movies?  After the Writer’s strike in Hollywood which ended in the early spring of 2000, writers were able to voice and negotiate what they wanted.  Why was this necessary?  Because of this sentiment summarized by a quote from Irving G. Thalberg, infamous studio executive: 

“The writer is the only absolutely essential element of Hollywood, and he must never find out.”

To support this, Ron Suppa, in his screenwriting book, adds the following:

“Any executive with a history in the business knows, in his gut, that it is the power of the word—the script—that spawns any blockbuster.” 

“To be sure, good material will always command a price.  As proven by the last Writer’s strike, the industry would grind to a halt without it.”

“Over the years I have worn many hats—entertainment lawyer, film company executive, producer, director, screenwriter, script consultant, teacher.  I have read at least 5,000 screenplays and had the good fortune to know in some small way, over 3,000 writers.  As both a buyer and seller of screen stories, I have become convinced that all jobs in the film business come down to one:  finding a screenplay that can attract talent and, ultimately, an audience.”

Another support for the importance of writers and their scripts is given by Joel Engel, author of Screenwriters On Screenwriting.  He says that good screenplays can be turned into bad films, but good movies cannot be made from bad screenplays.  Even if a script cannot promise to be a masterpiece, anything else without it is worthless.

Why is this the case?  One main reason is because in almost every interview, actors and filmmakers say one of the main reasons they do a film is because of the script.  Again and again, they reiterate the value of a good script.  They show support for the writer’s words in the script and how they are willing to speak, act and portray those words on the screen.  Because when all is said and done, when actors and actresses speak their dialogue on the screen, in actuality, first and foremost, those words were said by the screenwriter. 

In addition to the words of executives in the film business, to authors, to the testimonials of actors and filmmakers, the importance of screenplays ultimately rests on the story.  A movie can have a huge budget, exotic locales, an all-star cast, the best special effects, but these are secondary to the story in the script.




Who should attend a pitchfest?  Anyone who has a story to tell.  This is emphasized in an article written by Devorah Cutler-Rubenstein, President, Noble House Entertainment: “…Every day I overhear agents and producers pitching scripts and writer's ideas to each other, in cafes, in the street, even in bathrooms.  It reminded me that Hollywood is an industry town and its industry is storytelling.  As important as it is for Ford to churn out picture perfect automobiles in Detroit, it's critical to your success to refine a five-ten minute pitch in Hollywood; otherwise, your wonderful script may never get read.  Okay, sure it will sit on a pile and a reader will read it.  But a killer pitch will give you a competitive edge and make the producer say, 'I've got to read that myself!'"

Hopefully this will be the case for you after you attend a pitchfest.  However, at times, even the most amusing idea may not garner interest.  For example, when Michael Moore, the Oscar winning filmmaker, is interviewing a producer and Moore says something like, “Let me pitch to you,” the audience can tell the executive is open to hearing Moore’s pitch.  In keeping with the tone of Moore’s film, Moore’s pitch, of course, is totally the opposite of what the producer wants to hear.

However, you, on the other hand, will hopefully have that pitch and story that a producer wants to hear.  He or she will get excited about it and actually request to read your script.  From there anything can happen. 

So for you to give your work another great starting place, a pitchfest is recommended.  You never know—you may be one of the lucky ones—to find a producer who will respond to your pitch and ultimately to your story.

Attending a pitchfest can help you get to this point.  Thus, the purpose of this ebook is to compile the knowledge I gained after attending the Fade In Pitchfest in February 2004.  I attended because I was a semi-finalist in the Writers Network 10th Annual Screenplay Competition.

My decision to attend was to pitch, observe and learn.  This can be summarized humorously when Seabiscuit writer, Gary Ross, asked the audience at the conference, “…And who are here just to snoop?” 

Whether pitchfests can also be called snoopfests, what counts is that the experience gained is worthwhile.  You will feel better knowing you’ve tried it rather than be left wondering what it is all about.

Hopefully you will benefit and become more prepared and have your questions answered when you make that decision to attend a pitchfest.  The information given here will definitely give you an advantage because you are getting it straight from someone who has attended.

Not only is the experience worth your time and money as well as an exciting  challenge to your nerves, you will also discover more about the “pitching” side of screenwriting. 




fter attending Creative Screenwriting Magazine’s Screenwriting Expo 5 in Los Angeles on October 19-22, 2006, thoughts, observations and notes have been compiled in this ebook so that you can use this information when one day you feel you are ready to attend an expo. 

Possibly you felt you weren’t ready so you’ve been ignoring all those emails, post cards, and journals about the expo.  Now, with this ebook, you can feel better informed about what goes on while there.  You can use the information in this ebook to help you make that leap toward attending the next expo.  There is enough “wondering” in this world.  However, with this ebook, you will go “knowing” a bit more.

What got me started to even consider attending the expo?  I got the screenwriting expo journal in July 2006 after going through the usual pile of mail.  The journal is extremely comprehensive and well organized that whenever I had a question, I would be able to go to that page and my question would be answered.  Also, you will be given the expo website and that also helps answer your questions.

One question was accommodations.  Having the expo at hotels near Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) would make it easier for out-of-town attendees.  Previous expos had been held at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  Using the shuttle from the airport to the hotels means that attendees don’t have to worry about transportation issues.

With this being an attractive part of the expo, I seriously considered going and started looking for flights online.

What happened next?  Find out in Going To A Screenwriting Expo.

Because this ebook is in journal entry format, the chapters are divided by the day rather than by the topic.  The first chapter begins with all the preparations for attending the expo.  The second chapter covers my arrival on Thursday, October 19, 2006.  Third covers Friday, October 20, 2006.  Fourth covers Saturday, October 21, 2006.  Fifth covers Sunday, October 22, 2006.

Thus, in journal entry format, this ebook contains what you need to know from the time you receive the expo information to the time you step onto the plane for home.  So next time you receive the catalog, postcard or email about the expo, this ebook will help you feel more ready to attend.

Here's what Ken Webb and others sent after reading Screenwriting Collection:  

 "Thanks again for sharing some of your valuable time with me.   I'm impressed with your suggestions so far."

  -- Ken Webb, Arizona, (unsolicited response)



"Thank you for the follow up.  It is always refreshing to receive service over and above my expectations." 

 - Peter Baumann, Australia, (unsolicited response)



"I referred your book, Jump-start to a good friend, that at one time worked for Disney.  He is delighted in your work."

-- Michael, Colorado, (unsolicited response)



"i read your interpretation of Ridley Scott's Gladiator and it was marvelous.  I was moved to tears as i read about the symbolism and the art of imagery utilized.  thank you for your enjoyable and good quality work."

-- Mariel Villanueva, Bronx, NY, (unsolicited response)

Screenwriting Collection is available in an electronic book version that you can open and start enjoying immediately.

To summarize, Screenwriting Collection includes the following:

  • Jumpstart Your Movie Scripts

  • Attending a Pitchfest

  • Going To A Screenwriting Expo with pictures from Screenwriting Expo 5. 

All this totals 136 pages.

You also get Three FREE gifts:

  • How To Watch Movies As A Director, Actor, Screenwriter

  • These Film Directors

  • Actors and Scripts

Total 109 pages

Not only that, you get a fourth gift, the PA Form, to copyright your work.

The entire Screenwriting Collection totals 245 pages.

Also included in Screenwriting Collection are notes taken during the free, guest speaker sessions of noteworthy screenwriters and directors, Tony Gilroy, William Goldman, David Ayer, Oliver Stone, and Mr. Neil Labute, from Screenwriting Expo 5.

Order Screenwriting Collection NOW and receive your FREE gifts!


FREE Gift # 1

How To Watch Movies As A Director, Actor, Screenwriter

Understanding how to become a successful screenwriter depends on your knowledge of how movies are made artistically and what directors and actors look for in a movie script.  Movie scripts that attract actors and directors are the movie scripts that get made into movies.  This free gift will tell exactly how to start watching movies through the eyes of actors and directors so you can write Movie Scripts that will attract attention in Hollywood. 


FREE Gift #2

From the Words of These Film Directors

Gain more knowledge about writing movie scripts and let these film directors give you ideas for your next script.  They share their views on what attracts them to a script or project.  This free gift compiles their thoughts on what kinds of scripts excite them, why they make a film, or what films are in their minds for the future.  These great directors include Ron Howard, Ang Lee, Ridley Scott, Steven Spielberg, Robert Altman, Steven Soderbergh, Martin Scorsese, and Peter Jackson.  


FREE Gift #3

Actors And Scripts

Actors give their reasons for what kinds of scripts appeal to them.  What kinds of characters, writing, stories draw them to want to act these parts?  Because actors are one of the main reasons movies get made, their views can be a great resource in your writing.  Uncover what these actors reveal:  Russell Crowe, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Viggo Mortensen, Keanu Reeves, Meryl Streep, Annette Bening, Jennifer Connelly, Sandra Bullock.


FREE Gift #4

Form PA

Form PA is what you use to copyright your work.  To save you time from having to search for this form, the PA form is included in both the download and CD versions so you can print as many copies as you need whenever you need this form.  Instructions on how to use the form are included.  If you need help in any way, email the author. Protecting your work is very important and with this form immediately on hand you can save yourself the trouble and concentrate on your screenplay!

I believe so strongly that Screenwriting Collection will give you everything you will need to become a successful screenwriter, that I am offering a full 90-day no-risk money back guarantee.

If at anytime over the next three months you are not completely (100%) satisfied that you got your money's worth, you will be refunded the purchase price, even if it's the last day of your 90 days.

All of our online transactions are handled through Paypal and are guaranteed to be safe.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Paypal, echecks. 

Click NOW!  


Screenwriting Collection Ebook

Only $9.99


Thank you and warmest regards,

Marina Rundell

P.S. You have a no-questions-asked full 90-day money back guarantee! Click on the button to get started right away!






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