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The Matrix Reloaded And Trilogies
June 11, 2003

After seeing The Matrix Reloaded and its great fight sequences, and Reeves playing Superman as stated in the dialogue, the idea of trilogies came to mind.

The Matrix is now a trilogy like The Lord of the Rings.  Will this set a precedent for other, future blockbusters?

Instead of actors, directors, and all involved signing up for only one movie, they will instead be signing up for three.

In summary, the sequel has changed to a trilogy.

The Matrix Reloaded and Trilogies in upcoming films will be interesting to follow.  As always, quality will determine the life of trilogies.

The old-fashioned, one-time only movie is temporarily being overshadowed by today's audiences' need to see more of the characters they liked in the first film.

For example, the character of Keanu Reeves is compelling not only in his Matrix movies, but also in real life.  Here is a website that gives the news of Keanu Reeves giving away millions.






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