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Film Reviews:  Hulk
June 29, 2003

Ang Lee, Jennifer Connelly, and Josh Lucas drew me to this movie, and Eric Bana was a great choice for the lead role.

Why this movie earns your time:  The great scene at the San Francisco streetside curb where Connelly and Bana embrace, summarizing all the emotions of their fates.  This is the scene that made this movie for me.

Other things to watch for:  How Ang Lee uses the image of the twisted, desert tree trunk as chapter beginnings of the different times of Bruce's life.  The camera cut from Bana's eyes to frog's eyes--suggesting how the experiments of the frog and Bana are joined.  

Look at the style--There is the cut from a still photo to action--and the cut from three columns of pictures on the screen and how the first and last columns become the frames of a door.  This style of many frames of photos on the screen is slightly introduced at first and then it becomes more and more toward the end--suggesting the growing conflict.

The script uses two, important scenes that are repeated for furthering the plot.  First, Bana and Connelly are in Bana's apartment where they are eating at the table.  She brings up the topic of his parents--one of the major conflicts of the movie that makes you wait for the answer at the end.  Ang Lee uses the image of the bedroom door open and how the camera pans in toward the room and all you see is blackness--like Bruce's memory of this period in his life.  Continuing on--Bana tells Connelly he doesn't remember anything about his birth parents.

The second scene also occurs at the table while they are eating.  However, this time it is at Connelly's house and the conversation is a continuation of the last one--this time of Bruce's repressed memories.  This furthers the plot by reiterating a major conflict in Bruce's personal life.

Also, looking at Eric Bana and Josh Lucas is enough.  And yes, the "actual" Hulk scenes, with his compassionate face, are great.

Finally, how the movie ends brings back to memory the wandering Hulk from the popular TV episodes.  This echoing from the past to the present movie combines the emotions from both.  Also, the movie answers some of the questions about Bruce's life.






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