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Film Reviews:  Disney and Pixar's Finding Nemo
June 22, 2003

On a recent family trip, we got our kids happy meals and they got the puffer fish toy--the one that blows up into a ball.  They didn't know it was from the movie, Finding Nemo, because they had not yet seen the movie, and thus, they enjoyed playing with the toy as is.

After seeing the movie, however, they realized the puffed-out fish was from Finding Nemo.  They were also reminded of this from pictures of the characters at the back of their cereal box.  With more knowledge, they realized that the pictures were not only pictures of fish, but also pictures of movie fish.

This brings to mind the power of marketing--the fish that were once regular fish in my kids' minds, have now become "Big TV" star fish.

However, with Finding Nemo, the movie is truly excellent, even if there weren't any marketing. 

This is supported by the fact that even couples who don't have kids show up to see the movie.

Disney/Pixar's previous movies such as the Toy Story movies focused on friendship.  This one, however, focuses on a father-son theme and it succeeds.  It relates to the day we went to see the movie--Father's Day.

The only thing I missed were songs, but even without these, the movie is worth going to see.

What I mean is, literally watching the movie with eyes open can be a safe gage of how good the work is.  I have seen others who have fallen asleep during a movie at the theater.  Maybe they were tired or had a heavy lunch.  Or, for humor's sake, they had their own small business and the many hours of doing everything made movie watching nap time.

Like these people, I was tired and I ate a lot of food at a festival for lunch, food I knew I couldn't cook so I took the opportunity to eat.

Finding Nemo kept my lids open. 





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