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Film Reviews:  Funny scenes in Bruce Almighty
May 31, 2003

  • File cabinet.
  • Dog being carried out -- The "technicality" of it made me wonder how it was accomplished.
  • Jim Carrey stepping into puddle as he is on his way to see "Morgan Freeman" for the first time.  
  • The tongue-tied anchor.
  • The humor of handling prayers via email.  When Carrey answers all the prayers with a "Yes."
  • When Carrey is about to throw Jennifer Aniston on the bed.
  • The dog--how well it was trained.
  • Carrey knocking down the sandwich to show he is obnoxious.
  • Carvings on the trees.

Serious moments:

Carrey and his wet shirt scene--brings out his broad shoulders and good build.  Yes, Jim Carrey can add this appeal to his list of talents.

The phrase, "be a miracle"--the way Freeman delivers the dialogue makes it work.

The idea of "free will."

I liked Bruce AlmightyThe comedy mixed with familiar phrases that are meant to bring to our consciousness the seriousness of miracles and free will make this movie worthwhile.

It was clear the audience liked the movie when the outtakes were shown at the end of the movie.  It was interesting to see everyone freeze in their tracks to watch Carrey and Aniston blurb their lines, for example.  It became very quiet.  It continues to make me wonder at how audiences "truly care" for their chosen celebrity.  Why?  Because I find myself the same.  Why again?  Because I appreciate artists who bring about our humanity.  What I mean is, I found my husband watching the movie, Patton, on TV, when I was taking a break from writing this article and I started to think what movies mean to me--they bring out our humanity--from our humor to our history, and everything else in between.






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