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A Walk To Remember Film Review
January 2003

The acting of Mandy Moore and Shane West in this movie are truly impressive.  The chemistry is great.  I love this movie.

It’s a great coming-of-age screenplay.  It’s another version of movies like Sweet November with Keanu Reeves but while the characters are in their teens.

What makes it work is how everything fits together.  For example, the dialogue of what is Mandy Moore’s number one thing to do on her list:  She wants to get married in the church where her mother and father married.  Shane West eventually finds this out but the audience is kept wondering and thankfully this is answered. 

Another thing on her list is to get a tattoo.  The scene in the car where West puts on a butterfly tattoo on her shoulder is so sensual and the chemistry and acting of the two stars just sparks.  This same chemistry is shown in the play scene where she sings and he watches enthralled and they kiss.  The audience is led to believe the kissing isn’t a part of the script but it happens anyway. 

Another example of how the dialogue all fits is when West’s previous girlfriend tells him that Moore chose him.  It makes the characters of Moore and West very special.  Moore supports this when she tells West that he is her angel who is with her during her illness.

There are other details that work.  The list makes sense when the audience finds out Moore has cancer.  There is also the detail of the pink sweater where West buys Moore this new sweater because his friends have been making fun of Moore’s same green sweater she’s been wearing for years.

Another detail is when Moore is singing in the church choir and West is in the congregation watching her but with no feeling or attachment.  This changes in the play scene, when she sings and he is struck.  So the singing is a detail to show how these two characters are transitioning from simply knowing each other throughout childhood to truly knowing each other in love.

There is also the detail of the cemetery, where Moore likes to go look at stars with her homemade telescope.  The cemetery setting foreshadows her death.  Also, West makes a telescope so that Moore can see a comet in the sky, a comet that may never appear again.  This and all the others that West does proves his love for Moore and thus Moore’s number one thing to do on her list is fulfilled.  The telescope shows how Moore is no longer looking at the stars herself, but now has West with her, and he has shown many times his true love for her which includes his making of the telescope.  Also, the fact they are seeing a comet, a flash of beautiful light briefly in the sky shows how their love also is the same.  But even with the briefness, the detail of the description of the "wind" and how it cannot be seen but felt is said in Moore's dialogue and is repeated in West's narration in the end, of how he will always feel her love.

The movie has forgiveness, faith, and true love.

It’s a great screenplay that is made into a wonderful movie.

Watch this movie.  If nothing else, it will motivate you to get to work and start writing!






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