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Laws of Attraction Film Review
May 1, 2004

As far as romantic comedies go, I love this movie.

Romantic--when Brosnan and Moore are standing side by side and looking at the Irish countryside, and when they sleep together in the trailer.  These are two kinds of romantic--"beautiful scenery and beautiful company."

Comedy--Julianne Moore in the bathroom stall.  Pierce Brosnan waking up outside of trailer and what he sees in front of him.  More humor is added with the mother character and the "I'm not here on Tuesday" segment.

The acting of these two stars is so great you do believe they are compatible and will make it no matter what.  You do sense "true love" and because of this, the movie works not only from this theme level but also from the genre level.

Also, when Brosnan delivers his lines about love and marriage at the latter segment of the movie, you can tell he really means what he says, not only because his acting is so relaxed and so natural but also because of his life and how his life backs up what he says.

Go see this movie!






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