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Entertainment Actor Russell Crowe as a Ship Captain in Master and Commander
Monthly Column
May 2002

Because Russell Crowe and the other Gladiator talent were able to successfully revive the “Roman” genre back to the modern screen, Hollywood has recognized this and is once again making use of Crowe's talent to revive other, smoldering genres from the past.

In Master and Commander/The Far Side of the World, it appears Crowe is about to revive the “Mutiny On The Bounty” genre and modernize Clark Gable. 

Of all the entertainment actors working today, Crowe has the highest success rate of revisiting the 1800s and making this time period relevant today.  Crowe has proven he can jump from one completely different role to another.  He has succeeded as a gladiator, an L.A. cop, a biography actor.  Why not a ship’s captain who is also a musician?  Why not let Crowe, who is also a singer and guitar player, show how music is a way to connect us all? 

As a movie-going fan, I look forward to watching the movie not only as entertainment, but also as a piece of art.  For example, how will Russell Crowe treat the following:

  1. How music is the calm or healer in the midst of battle? -- in the obvious ship battles, and also in the battles between the characters?
  2. How music will be shown as a reflection of battle?
  3. Or any other relationships between music/battle?

Whatever the themes, watching Crowe illustrate will be time well spent.  Crowe is about to challenge himself, his fans, and the remaining few who have not yet discovered him.  Not only can Crowe revive this period genre, he can also make audiences swallow it without getting sea sick.  We will find out in the coming months.

This next Crowe movie has a budget of $135 million.  Deduct my ticket cost from this.  It will probably help pay for the sandwich Russell is eating between takes.






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