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Gladiator Soundtrack
Monthly Column
December 2002

"I just finished the ebook on Russell Crowe.  It was quite good.  I appreciated the book and it made me smile on more than one occasion."

Regina, Richmond, Virginia,  regirae@aol.com.

One of the best times to listen to the Gladiator soundtrack is while sitting in the car, going on vacation, and looking out the window at the constant, changing scenery.  There will always be trees, grass and sky, but the scenery will always change.  If you are in the desert, there will always be sand, shadows, sky, but the scenery will also change.  You may have to look a little bit closer.

As you drive by with the wonderful sounds of Hans Zimmer and Gerard’s musical genius, to have composed a soundtrack tailored well to its intended movie, you realize you have a wonderful, big screen in front of you.  No standing in line, no buying tickets, no Imax.  Just the road, sky, and surround-scenery all around you accompanied with the music of Gladiator.

If you stretch your imagination a bit, you might even think you are in a video game, where all that happens is nothing but your imagination.  Or maybe at this point, you’ve fallen asleep, not because the music is boring, but because your mind can only take so much perfection.

But if you are still awake and the soundtrack dances its last note, your mind returns to the present, where the grass is grass, the trees are trees, and the sky is sky. 

And if you are in the desert, the sand returns to being sand.

So as the big screen of the soundtrack ends, the musical scenery outside your car window plays its harmonies.  You again see that there is more to the leaves rustling, more to the car humming, more to the sun shining.

So next time you listen to the soundtrack, you just might be able to forget about Russell Crowe for even a moment!






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