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Entertainment Actor Brad Pitt
An Introduction to Brad Pitt's Hometown
Monthly Entertainment Column
February 2002

You are probably already aware that entertainment actor, Brad Pitt, was born in Shawnee, Oklahoma, USA, on December 18, 1963, and grew up in Springfield, Missouri, USA.

So, you ask, where in the world, is Springfield, Missouri?  This is the usual question from anyone asking anything about the Midwest.

Welcome to Midwest 101, a class that has been provided to all who need emergency assistance on locating anything in the Midwest. 

Even Biff Henderson, who points at the map to help David Letterman and his audiences locate CBS mail bag entries, can only help you on Fridays.  That is, if Springfield, Missouri is chosen.

So your chances are better by continuing to read on to the end of this column.

First, here are some facts on Springfield.  No, “Bart” doesn’t live there.  You are mistaking him for “Brad.”

Now that we have this cleared up, let us begin on finding out more on Brad Pitt’s hometown.

You are probably asking or imagining what his house looked like, the same house where he grew up. 

This reminds me of how celebrity homes are usually added to a town’s map to give tourists a reason for stopping at these towns to help the town’s economy, especially after their “favorite son or daughter,” like Brad Pitt, the one that left to go on and become a celebrity, decided to leave town and never come back.  So with their favorite member gone, the only thing left is the house.

But to see Brad Pitt’s home, you might have to wait thirty years when it reaches the same status as the homes of classic, entertainment actors like John Wayne, where pictures of his home in Winterset, Iowa are shown in books. 

If you're like me, and you’ll be over seventy years old by then, you may just have to drive to Springfield, Missouri or settle for this great invention we call the Internet, not for its many pictures and links, but for its ability to save us the cost of gallons and gallons of gas!  Today's Internet, as we know it, may not show Brad Pitt’s house, but at least you’ve been warned to look for it in the future.

Thanks to Brad Pitt, Springfield can start planning and redesigning their maps for the future. 

So I greatly recommend to watch for these new maps!  Because if you do find yourself in the Midwest one of these days, simply because you got lost, because only the locals can understand the highway signs, and this is true in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where trapping outsiders to stay in the city will soon become a known fact, because highways aren't well marked, the class mentioned in this column won’t be much help.

If you have read to this point, you already know that.

But there is hope.  If you happen to bump into a statue of Brad Pitt, in any town in the Midwest where you end up, all isn’t lost.

However, if you bump into a statue of Buddy Holly, sorry, you are in Lubbock, Texas.


For more on Springfield, Missouri, Brad Pitt's hometown, click on link below:







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