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viggo mortensen TV schedule
Monthly Column
September 2004

The Olympics is over, political news channels are in full swing, and Football season hasn't yet started, so how should we spend our TV time?  

Where can we find entertainment that doesn't try to manipulate our political views?  How the news is presented shows who owns that TV channel.

Sports entertains us with touchdowns, the 3-point shot, a goal.  That's it.  No political plugs attached.

Music usually tries to stay away from politics--sometimes it tries to run the opposite direction.  

Movies, for the most part, simply entertain and provoke thought and emotion for the fun of it.

Even the weather, just by being itself, is unpredictably neutral.

In addition to weather, the arts, and athletics, how else should we spend our TV time?  

Find viggo mortensen TV schedule here:



Thank you to Lyn for this email that she sent:

"Hi Marina, firstly may I thank you for all the wonderful Viggo info and updates that you send me regularly, awesome!  It's great to have a 'connection' with this talented man, and you were the one who established this for me.  I have purchased 4 of Viggo's books since I have 'known' you plus I have enjoyed the first Viggo Ebook you made available.  I have since purchased the latest Ebook (which includes The Return of the King and Hildago)".

--Lyn, Ian & Lyn <ianandlyn@samoatelco.com

Viggo Mortensen EBook is now available as a hard copy book.  Before it was a hard copy binder.

Get Hidalgo DVD here.

Get Hidalgo Soundtrack here.

Return of the King DVD.

Poetry readings on CD including Viggo.

A History of Violence Movie.

viggo mortensen alatriste.

Poem and new CD from Perceval Press' August 2004 home page:

"Please Tomorrow is the most recent collaboration between Buckethead and Viggo, who again enlist the talents of Henry and Travis to bring you a haunting but ultimately hopeful long night's journey into day."

Taranaki, 1973

into the waves
baby on a pony
there by her father's
large hands

no wheel
this is not a machine
she holds the reins
the word volcano

hangs inside her like
a cardboard artpiece
bouncing on string

those corrugations
cut through with big scissors
red wool lava

blue cellophane
for the sea it reaches

--Poem by Hinemoana Baker

This poem is about a volcanic eruption, or as shown by the title, the creation of Mount Taranaki in New Zealand.  The poem is also the speaker's beautiful way of describing the "explosive" feeling of seeing this mountain while horseback riding as a youth (in 1973--from title) while accompanied by her father.  Or the speaker could be the outside observer describing or remembering what she sees--could be the mother watching spouse and child.  So while the speaker is talking about a volcano, she is also relaying the feeling of seeing this volcano.  This is what I get from the poem.  You may have a different interpretation.

What works for me:

1.  Structure of the stanzas.  First two are four lines, second two are three lines and the last stanza has only two lines.  This reinforces the flowing movement of the poem that ends with "the sea it reaches." 

2.  "large hands" stanza breaks to "no wheel."  The image of hands become a wheel even when the word, "no," is used.

3.  "she holds the reins" line breaks to "the word volcano."  The speaker's pony ride is interrupted by the sight and sudden awareness of the volcano.  

4.  "word volcano" stanza breaks to "hangs inside her."  This effective break lets the reader feel with the speaker of the poem.

5.  "corrugations" goes back to the texture of the "cardboard" or volcano.  "corrugations" also works as the waves.  The two images of "cardboard" and "corrugations" not only sound alike because of the letter, "c," but they also link because what is happening is that the two become one--the volcano becomes joined with the waves.  

6.  "volcano" = "cardboard artpiece/bouncing on string" (using the  images of everyday materials to describe a volcanic eruption--or the excitement of seeing volcano).

7.  "big scissors" = "red wool lava" (cutting through waves, "corrugations," of ocean).

8.  The poem takes ordinary things such as "scissors" and makes them so much more beautiful with the description of "red wool lava."  This phrase alone is so richly textured.

9.  The same occurs in the last two lines--an everyday object of "blue cellophane" becomes the beautiful "sea."

10.  The effective use of related words, volcano-lava, waves-sea, and opposites, "red-blue" (hot lava becomes cold sea and the line break as the pause before the two "reaches" is great).

11.  The effective use of layering two different things that work as the same things.  Examples:  "cut through with big scissors/
red wool lava," and "blue cellophane/for the sea it reaches."

12.  Poem begins and ends with similar images of "waves" and "sea."  First two lines say, "into the waves/baby on a pony," and the last two lines say, "blue cellophane/ for the sea it reaches."  The baby/speaker and lava/volcano are connected with same images.

13.  "it" in last line = "red wool lava" which reverberates back to volcano, then to the title.

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