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Viggo Mortensen

Amazing ebook on Viggo Mortensen!  Uncover this fascinating man, actor, and artist!  You are guaranteed to get to know him in this ultimate ebook!





In his book, Recent Forgeries, Viggo Mortensen says, "Even if you produce stuff that's interesting to nobody but yourself, the activity justifies itself.  Making things is a way of finding out."  In the spirit of Mortensen’s words, I have written this ebook as my own way of finding out about him.

As I read more about him, my curiosity grows even more.  His character of Aragorn made me want to take a look, but it is what I read of him that has kept me interested, and thus, the result is this compilation of the many sides of Viggo Mortensen.

One pleasant surprise about him is that he is a true artist, in his many forms--in motion pictures, poetry, paintings, photographs, music, and in simply being himself.  He immerses himself in many types of art forms.  While this may be a large part of who he is, it is only one segment of who he is.  Thus, this ebook will look into uncovering Viggo Mortensen from various angles.

So when did I first find out about Viggo Mortensen?  I discovered him in February 2003, a year later than everyone else.  Because I was interested in seeing the movies nominated for the 2003 Academy Awards, I went to see Two Towers as one of the few who had not seen Fellowship of the Ring.  As I watched, I kept wondering what actor was playing the part of Aragorn because his screen presence got my attention.  He could not be ignored.  Instead, he made me curious.  To begin my search of finding out about him, I went straight to Blockbuster after Two Towers ended and rented Fellowship, the extended version.  I liked it so much I had my husband sit down and watch with me, because I felt he had to see the movie also, and because it’s one of those excellent movies to share with a loved one.

Fellowship and Two Towers turned out to be a "Viggo moment" for me, that is, an interesting moment to be "open to" and not let slip by without first digesting it.  After seeing the movies and after learning more about this interesting man, I am happy to have become a Viggo Mortensen fan.

So what was my initial impression of Mortensen?  He is one of many actors in Hollywood who has been working for years in many movies and has remained relatively undiscovered by fans.  That is, he hasn’t landed that role that catapults him into a celebrated actor because of an identifiable role.  Viggo Mortensen was such an actor, but because of the success of the Lord of the Rings movies, he has become not only a favorite actor, but also a recognized talent who plays an important role in the success of Lord of the Rings.  Thus, movie fans, even late ones like myself, have discovered him.

How has he proven that his contribution to the Lord of the Rings movies strengthens the emotional impact and visual effect of these excellent movies?  When he was offered the job to play Aragorn, he knew he wasn’t the first choice to play the part.  He was to replace the younger actor who was initially hired because it turned out that Peter Jackson, the director, wanted an older actor.  Mortensen reiterates this when he says, "It is more a problem of age than anything else.  Aragorn is older; it was a small mistake in casting.  The character is clearly older.  Aragorn has many years, you know, and to look like this was easier for me."  The shooting had already gone for two months in New Zealand where Jackson is based, and where he shot all three movies in an unparalleled fifteen months from 1999 – 2000.

When Mortensen was asked to play the Aragorn role, he reveals his reaction to the request and he reveals who was responsible for encouraging him to take the role.  He says, "When they first asked me, the question was, ‘Do you want to leave for New Zealand tomorrow?’  I knew they had already been there for some months, which wasn't good.  I knew I wouldn't have time to prepare and I hadn't read the book.  There were plenty of reasons not to go.  I didn't feel I could do a good job and I didn't want to be away from my son for that length of time.  But my son was familiar with the books, he talked about them with his school friends and he knew about the character of Aragorn.  He said, 'Oh, that's pretty cool.  You should do that.'"  In another interview, Mortensen remembers, "Henry asked, ‘What character?’ And I had to look at what I had written down and I said, ‘Strider?’  And he goes, 'That’s great.  He’s cool.'"  Because of his son’s encouragement and enthusiasm, Mortensen took the role because he didn't want to "regret not doing it."  Thanks to Henry for urging his father to take the role.  The fact Mortensen shows up late in the shooting period proves how he has transformed his character into a successful addition to the Lord of the Rings.

For us fans, we are fortunate he accepted the role.  Viggo Mortensen’s character of Aragorn is a "defining" role.  While there may be many actors who can play the part of Aragorn, it is hard to envision another actor doing this role.  Why is this the case?  Because Mortensen "fits" Aragorn and vice versa.  Mortensen himself says, "I walked barefoot and rarely changed clothes, but instead wore my Aragorn attire even when I had time off.  I often slept under the open sky and learned a lot by playing Aragorn.  Parts of his personality have become part of me."  Mortensen further clarifies what parts of Aragorn's personality he can recognize as similar to his own.  He adds, "I found that he, too, had misgivings and was hiding something.  You use what you can as an actor.  And the fact that he was someone seemingly as brave and honorable and self-sacrificing as he was, but, at times, also so plagued by doubt and insecurity about what others—and he himself—might expect of him, I thought, 'Well, yeah, I can relate to that.'"  For Mortensen, his eminent role in the Lord of the Rings "had" to be recognized.  Take his interpretation out and a large foundation of the trilogy loses power.

Not only that, Mortensen's visual presence engages the viewer intellectually and emotionally.  He is exciting to watch with his wet, unkempt hair, and ranger costume as he leaps into action or as he portrays those special, quiet moments.

In addition to discovering him in Lord of the Rings, I am also learning more about him from his earlier movies.  Playing catch-up has been time well spent because watching Mortensen go from role to role is like watching an artist delve into creating art, and at the same time, as he forms his roles, he grows and excels in his craft.  But most of all, he is an actor who is simply enjoyable to watch.  That is, his presence "gives" to his movies rather than "take away" from them.

No matter what character he is playing, he has a romantic bearing about him. According to the Oxford American Dictionary, the word, "romantic," is defined as "appealing to the emotions by its imaginative or heroic or picturesque quality."  Added to this definition should include how Mortensen also has a "language quality." He speaks English, Spanish, and Danish fluently.  This in itself is romantic enough. Furthermore, the word, "romantic," when referring to music or literature, is defined as "richly imaginative, not conforming to classical conventions."  This applies to Mortensen, especially if you’ve listened to his poetry readings with the musical backgrounds.  Whether he is in a movie, reading aloud a poem, having shows of his paintings and photographs, the romantic element Mortensen adds to the screen and the artistic expressions he shares along the way are a welcome addition to our intellectual and emotional curiosity.  This is supported by what others say about him: "Critics find in him a romantic waiting to be released."

The romantic has been released.  Thus, this ebook has been written not only to find out about Viggo Mortensen, but also to make it easier for his fans to uncover who he is.

This ebook has been divided into the following chapters:  The first chapter will be about Mortensen’s own words about Aragorn.  The second chapter will be about what his costars and colleagues say about him.  The third chapter will focus on his own words on his Lord of the Rings costars, crew and on himself.  The fourth chapter will reveal his views on working on Lord of the Rings.  The fifth will discuss his many artistic sides—actor, poet, photographer, painter, musician—and will also include his own views as an artist.  The sixth will look into him as a family man.  The seventh will reveal a glimpse into his daily life.  The eighth will touch upon his family background and his early acting career.  The ninth will reveal his motivations for choosing Hidalgo and his experiences in this movie.  The tenth will uncover his feelings about A History Of Violence and the eleventh will give his views on various topics including love, acting, and happiness.

So when the question is asked, "Who is Viggo Mortensen?"  This ebook will tackle this question as part of an ongoing journey for the need to "discover."  Why? Because as Mortensen says, the joy of simply "finding out justifies itself."

Here's what Barbara Demmig-Adams and others sent after reading Viggo Mortensen 


"I just returned from a trip to Europe.  I took your volume on the trip and finished reading it on the flight there.  I enjoyed all of it very much."


- Barbara Demmig-Adams, Superior, Colorado (unsolicited response)


"Congratulations Marina your book is amazing, it's a credit to your writing skills in showing us all about a man who has so many different aspects to his life."


- Ali Mills, Plymouth, United Kingdom (unsolicited response)


"I got the book today, it is a perfect Valentine's Day gift.  I was just turning it over, and I thank your wonderful compilation.  My mother language is Hungarian, so it takes time for me to read, but it's worth while, because I'll come to know different aspects to the life of Mr. Mortensen, whom acting and poetic skills I respect very much.  Thanks again!"


- Judit Trethon, Budapest, Hungary (unsolicited response)

"Loved the e-book!  Now I want a hard copy to see all the time!  Just got Hidalgo- WHY oh why did I wait so long!!!!!  Good luck with your books-this one was a pleasure to read."

- Leslie Storie-Pugh, France (unsolicited response)

"I got it today, it's great!  I would like to thank you for all the Work you had with the Ebook."

- Gaby Armstrong, Algermissen, Germany (unsolicited response)

"Thanks for the updates that you send along.  I just finished your book; loved it."


- Joyce Currie (unsolicited response)


"Thanks so much for your help!  I enjoyed learning about one of my favorite actors."


- Monica M. Cox, Simpsonville, South Carolina (unsolicited response)


See more unsolicited responses!

Viggo Mortensen ebook includes exclusive interview with Mr. Mortensen! Also included are incredible pictures and videos from Viggo's book signing at the International Center of Photography in New York on February 17, 2006!  

Picture of Viggo Mortensen below during book signing in New York:

Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen is 124 pages and the Six Free Gifts are 64 pages for a total of 188 pages.

Viggo Mortensen is available as an electronic book that you can start enjoying immediately.

If you have any questions about the product or purchasing the product, please send an email to rundellmarina@gmail.com or send text or call at 913-269-3177.

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Fellowship Of The Ring:  Watch From Another Angle

Why do you like this movie so much?  This article explains what to look for to enjoy this movie from a whole new angle.  You will discover the director's many purposes for scenes, actions, dialogue and other details.  Most of all, you will enjoy watching Viggo Mortensen in a whole, new light.


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Hidalgo:  Enjoy From Artistic Level

Enjoy many scenes once again where you can appreciate Viggo Mortensen's talent. Watch him not from a distance, but from a much closer, artistic angle.  Imagine yourself from his position and why you would sign up to do this movie.  Another way to get to know him!


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A History Of Violence:  View The Many Levels

Viggo reveals why he chose to do this movie.  Uncover him as a good, loving  father in an iconic town, his unraveling secrets, and his hopes for his family and the future.  View Viggo from these many levels!


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Viggo Mortensen Poetry Reading

Get to know Mr. Mortensen as himself in a poetry reading setting!  This article is my account of my trip to Los Angeles for the “3 Fools 4 April” reading that included Mr. Mortensen, Henry Mortensen, and Scott Wannberg at Beyond Baroque on April 1, 2006.

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