Philippines Vacation : Travel Guide And Memoir by [Rundell, Marina]

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A Summary Of The Return Of The King

After reading a summary from the website page shown below, what we expect will happen--that the ring will be returned to the fire in Mordor, that Sauron and his forces will be defeated, and that Aragorn will become the rightful king or ruler.  Also, in Two Towers, because of the conflict of Eowyn being added into Aragorn's "life," the question was whether Aragorn would end up with Eowyn or Arwen.  It appears, possibly, that Aragorn ends up with Arwen.  Also, there will be the necessary battle scenes which will be enjoyed once more with Viggo Mortensen in the thick of them.

What will be exciting to see will be the "artistic treatment" of the movie.  For example, what will the scene look like when Frodo and Gollum confront each other at the fire?  What kind of lighting, sounds, and music will be used when Aragorn and Arwen continue to renew their love for each other together or apart?  Also, how will the director photograph the scenes?  How will the stars act out their characters in a particular situation?  What are the behind-the-scenes details that the crew are doing to make the movie work?

Because we know how the story will end, looking for the details of how the story is visualized, like a "photogenic journey," is what becomes just as interesting.

Here is A Summary Of The Return Of The King: 


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