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Custom Saddle Index for custom saddles made by Pilar Massaguer!

If you or your family member or a friend is looking for a custom saddle, you have arrived at the right place.  Unique, specially crafted, quality saddles!

Click on links below to browse through the pictures and you will see the care given in the making of these saddles!

Custom Saddle Accessories

Quality Custom Saddles

Special Custom Detail Saddle

Specially Crafted Black Saddle

Unique Hand-Made Saddle

Contact Pilar Massaguer at westernsaddlery @ hotmail.com for more information. 

Email Pilar now and order your saddle today!

Pilar MassaguerPilar Massaguer (picture left) describes the dye process for the special, black, custom-made saddles:

"To obtain the black color, the whole saddle is dyed in black with a special dye.  However, this is no easy task.  It's kind of painting a car yourself...one can easily recognize the strokes of paint."

"In order to get a good dispersion of the dye, it is necessary to oil carefully the leather first and know when it is exactly time to apply the dye and how to buff it all over before it dries completely so no strokes are seen.  A good quality dye is very important, specially with black color because poor quality ones result in letting the color out into your fingers.  It would be like in "Hidalgo" when the Arab pets the supposed black horse on the neck and the paint gets into his hand because the horse was originally white."

You, too, can have the saddle you've always wanted with this kind of care and attention!

Because these saddles are custom-made, contact Pilar now so you can specify what kind of saddle you want!  

Pilar wrote a book on riding horses Western style:  La Monta Western.  She is also a member of the Catalonia Western Trail Riding Association:









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