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Sam Worthington

Incredible Ebook on Sam Worthington!  Discover more about this actor in this amazing ebook!

Sam Worthington Sam Worthington Sam Worthington


There was a saying that my professor many years ago repeated in class before we began dissecting each other’s poems. As he said these words, he seemed to be relaying his own excitement for the moment he discovered poetry later in his life. Quoting his own instructor he would remind us, “poetry is a game made difficult for the fun of it.”

The same can apply to writing an Ebook. That is, “compiling an Ebook on Sam Worthington is a game made difficult for the enjoyment of it.”

Where does the game start? His movies. In Terminator Salvation, Worthington’s character, Marcus, becomes involved with the resistance and at the same time is trying to figure out who he is, but to do this, he must go back to where he came from. At the same time, the audience is left wondering who in the world he is, if he is indeed a terminator. Toward the end, the leader of the resistance, John Connor, asks him, “Who are you?” Marcus replies, “I don’t know.”

We, too, can reply, “I don’t know,” but this Ebook will make an attempt to “know” Sam Worthington. We eventually discover who Marcus is in the movie, when he says, “I am human. A man. I know what I am.”

As Worthington, the man, this Ebook will make an effort, for you the fan, to provide an overall view of this appealing actor.

Where has his magnetism been lavished? In Avatar, when he rolls down the back of the plane on a wheelchair as a paraplegic, as a “meals on wheels” where it is made clear he is “not in Kansas anymore,” there is an immediate pleasantness to this actor, a necessary addition to any blockbuster movie. You like him initially so you want him to be the hero.

He fulfills this in many scenes, including his video logs where it is only he in front of the camera, what one may call a pure test of an actor’s presence on the screen. During these video logs he is in doubt about its use, he sees the humor of its significance, he describes all that’s been happening in Pandora, he falls asleep, and finally he gives his last log, because he is about to fulfill that “out there is the true world. In here is the dream.” These instances are a showcasing of his voice that seems to reverberate beliefs we can fundamentally recognize.

Because of this, you support him in any undertaking the movie puts him through. When he says, “I see you,” you believe it. His voice resonates from somewhere within, from a truth. Credit this to his acting, but there must be an underlying ability to say such meaningful words convincingly. That is, when he speaks these lines, they are no longer dialogue, but echoes from some source familiar to all of us.

The many points of the movie goes on to show the rest of the story with him at the helm, as the paraplegic soldier and as his avatar.

His characters in fantasy are likable, but do these traits also show themselves in reality?

He shows glimpses of who he is online and everywhere else. There are all the usual movie premieres and interviews where he must appear to promote his work. In one interview, as the lucky actor plucked by a high-profile director, Worthington is asked if he will show up for his director’s Titanic 3-D premiere, and he answers, “I’ll be shot if I don’t.”

Fortunately, Worthington isn’t shot. He remains alive so we can have someone to like. He remains conscious so he can continue teasing and seducing his fans. In Terminator Salvation, he tells the female scientist as he is about to donate his body to lab research, “I’ll sell it to you for a kiss.”

After the kiss, Marcus adds, “That’s what death tastes like.” Let’s hope this Ebook on Worthington will instead revive him for his fans.


Sam Worthington is available as an Ebook that you can start enjoying immediately!

Sam Worthington is 46 pages and includes a10-page article on the Artistic Details of Avatar for a total of 56 pages.

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Artistic Details of Avatar

This article shows how you can watch Avatar from the eyes of the filmmaker. What does he look for when he is putting together a string of shots? Why does he cut scenes at certain points? Why give details and then "sew" them into a pattern? Enjoy Sam Worthington as part of the artist's thread in this movie quilted with many levels.


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Sam Worthington Ebook

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