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Watch The Crossing From Another Angle

Find out how this movie provided great training for Russell Crowe in this eight-page article.  Your FREE gift with your Russell Crowe electronic book!  

"I've really enjoyed reading it.  Very well done, and 'The Crossing' was excellent, it really captured the essence of the movie, well done."

Beej Roles, UK, brolga@aol.com

Here are the introductory paragraphs:

The Crossing is an excellent example to illustrate those details that make watching Russell Crowe’s movies enjoyable from another level.  Also, because this movie was his first starring role in a feature film, it shows that early on, he was given a good background to prepare him for his Hollywood films. 

One cannot remove the fact that whatever he learned in his early films, he has now applied that knowledge to his works today that have made him a worldwide star.  He supports this when he says that his views were actually heard and recognized during the making of A Beautiful Mind.  His own interviews and interviews of his costars also reveal his many contributions in Gladiator.

Thus, The Crossing and its artistic details provide a glimpse into his early understanding of his movies from the artistic details level.  It’s a great way to intellectually connect with this “intelligent” man as Ridley Scott and Ron Howard have described him.

The artistic details presented here will show his fans more of what to look for, to appreciate the making of this film from how someone like Russell Crowe would view it, from an artistic presentation point of view.  For example, he reveals in an interview that the costume designers wanted him to wear a leather jacket to have the James Dean look, but he disagreed and thought his character, who lives out in the bush, should not wear a leather jacket!  The result is a character who should look like he lives in the bush and thanks to his understanding of his character, the result is a convincing character of “Johnny” in The Crossing.

Besides enjoying his apparent acting talent in his first starring role, what else should you look for to enjoy this movie from another angle?

The answer is to watch this movie from its artistic point of view.  This includes the many details illustrated here that will answer the following questions:

  1. How does the movie begin and how does it end? 
  2. Why does the train appear again and again besides the fact that it ties in with the title, The Crossing?
  3. How about the detail of the necklace?
  4. What is the meaning of the car race scenes? 
  5. How well does the dance/music technique display the economic levels of Johnny and Sam?
  6. How about the clock?  Why is that shown again and again?
  7. How do the friendships of Johnny and Sam, Meg and Jenny parallel?

The answers to these questions are only some of the artistic details that make viewing The Crossing more enjoyable from a deeper level. 

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