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Russell Crowe

Ultimate Russell Crowe Ebook! Uncover this interesting man, actor, and musician!


Introductory Chapter

From the ancient Greek stage plays when playwrights competed with each other as they presented their plays to the public, to today’s motion pictures, which, not surprisingly enough, also compete with each other, we, as a human race continually thirst for entertainment.  Through the art of imagination, we want to think of new ideas, feel a wide range of emotions, and be reminded of the human heart and condition.  We desire this kind of “daily bread” to feel connected with each other, our surroundings, life itself.  This longing to be able to relate physically and spiritually, no matter what culture or nationality, can be achieved through the arts, and for the purpose of this ebook, through the art of acting.  Thanks to today’s great actors, thanks to Russell Crowe, we find moments when these needs are satisfied. 

As the Greeks and generations in between wanted to be entertained, we, too, as a society, willingly reward our movie experiences with millions.  And when a Russell Crowe comes along to set a high standard in our need to be entertained, then why not simply appreciate?  Why not allow the man, his music, his acting, make us feel emotions we usually don’t during our daily lives?

Today, in the early years of the new millennium, we hunger for the timeless depth and emotional impact of Russell Crowe’s acting.  Because of this, from ancient times, to today, to the future, his acting would have been recognized, no matter what time in human history.  True, thanks to today’s technology, actors today have a lot of aid in the presentation or visualization of their acting, which is similar to the ancient Greeks who had their actors wear masks to help project voices during their stage plays.  However, even with these devices to help actors, Russell Crowe’s creativity does not entirely depend on them, because the heart of his acting comes from within.

So when did this journey to discover Russell Crowe begin?  In the summer of 2000, I was pregnant with my second son.  As I scanned through the movie listings in the newspaper, I noticed the movie, Gladiator, with a picture of a man named Russell Crowe.  Who was this man?  Because I didn’t go see the movie, L.A. Confidential, when it was the rave in the Kansas City metro area because the author of the book from which the movie was adapted lives right here in the metro area, I had no idea who Russell Crowe was.  My reason for going to see Gladiator was not because of him, but because of my interest in seeing a movie genre that hasn’t been done for a long time, and because of my interest in ancient life.

After seeing Gladiator, however, I couldn’t believe my eyes and I found myself wanting to know more about Russell Crowe.  I was excited to find an actor of my generation who can act!  So what did I do?  I rented all of his movies that I could get hold of and watched all of them.  I went online, read the Gladiator film website and bought the soundtrack, which on its own merits, should be praised.  Because that wasn’t enough, I searched more and discovered a great website that his fans have dedicated to him.  And still that wasn’t enough so I searched some more and discovered the website for his band, Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts or TOFOG.  I bought their CDs and listened to their music.  And when I read that TOFOG was going to be playing at Stubbs Barbecue in Austin, Texas, in the summer of 2000, I started buying Stubbs Barbecue.  Super Target was smart to include this item on their store shelves because before the Russell Crowe frenzy, this product was not on the shelves.  I soon realized that I wasn’t the only one doing gymnastics for this new actor on the screen. 

I soon found that other women, grown, happily married, and mothers of the next generation, like myself, had also been doing somersaults for the Gladiator leading actor.  Russell Crowe’s own story during his filming of Proof of Life in Ecuador provides some explanation of his appeal.  He said there was “this group of schoolgirls standing over in a corner.  In their little Catholic uniforms, little sailor’s uniforms.  There’s a guitar player and a blind piano/accordion bloke and they’re doing this song and all the girls started singing.”  He said he got caught up in it and thought it was magnificent.  “And the bloke said to me, ‘Would you like to play a song?’  So I thought oh what the heck, so I grabbed the guitar and played ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ - - the Johnny Cash song.  And now it turned into a scene from a Beatles movie, right! Now I’ve got 30 Catholic schoolgirls who just won’t leave me alone.  I’m trying to get back to work going ‘hey hey, hey, hey’ [as he tried to push the girls away].  This description can be visualized and heard in the last track of TOFOG’s CD, Other Ways of Speaking.  The band plays Folsom Prison Blues live and the energy from this song and the reaction of the audience illustrate how grown women don’t mind being reverted back in time. 

Like those young girls and the many women who have also discovered Russell Crowe, what turned me back into a teenager with screaming ears and listening eyes?  I can blame it all on the fact that I was pregnant at the time.  Even if this were the explanation, it cannot be the only explanation, so hopefully this ebook will provide some answers not only for myself, but also for others who have become Russell Crowe fans.

This ebook relies on Mr. Crowe’s interviews and will focus on four parts.  First, it will look at him as a man, whose actions and words are his own and not any of his characters in his films.  Second, it will explore his views on his band, Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts, and their music.  Third, it will examine his acting and why it meets the entertainment needs of today’s audiences.  And lastly, it will take parts of his interviews and show his attitudes on various topics, such as love, acting, and on being a celebrity.

"I just finished the ebook on Russell Crowe.  It was quite good.  I appreciated the book and it made me smile on more than one occasion."

- Regina, Richmond, Virginia, regirae @ aol.com

"I've really enjoyed reading it.  Very well done, and 'The Crossing' was excellent, it really captured the essence of the movie, well done."

- Beej Roles, UK, brolga @ aol.com

"Just wanted to let you know, I read the book.  It's really quite awesome!  You are a great writer and anyone can tell how much you admire Russell Crowe.  You do a great job of painting a "picture" of him from many sides.  Thanks for writing the book for people like me!"

- Kay Anderson, Evanston, Illinois, kay @ evanstongroup.com

"Marina, your eloquent words have expressed the feelings of many Russell Crowe fans.  Much of your insight truly touches the core of who we think Russell Crowe is.  It would be presumptuous of me to truly know what Russell Crowe thinks of life, work, etc. since I do not know him personally, however, through the movies and roles he has carefully chosen, and the stories he tells in his music, lead me to believe what you have written is true.  Thank you."

- Gail Silberberg, Millburn, New Jersey, silberberg @ comcast.net

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Russell Crowe is 53 pages and the Four Free Gifts are 33 pages for a total of 83 pages.

Russell Crowe is available in an electronic version that you can start enjoying immediately.

If you have any questions about the product or purchasing the product, please send an email to Marina at rundellmarina@gmail.com or by text/phone at 913-269-3177.

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