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Actor Pierce Brosnan as Alex in Mirror Has Two Faces

In the film, Mirror Has Two Faces, 1996, Pierce Brosnan plays the brother-in-law, Alex.

In the lunch scene, where Alex shows up to join Rose and Claire for lunch, he tells Rose, “Knowing you has changed my life, Rose.”  The camera then does a close-up of his face which takes full advantage of his good looks and the sincerity of Brosnan's acting.  So I am in support of more close-ups of Brosnan's face such as in this scene.

I love this movie and I love Alex’s brief scenes.  What’s amazing about this movie is that Brosnan's character, of the millionaire attracted to Rose only for her good looks, is unlike his own, real life.  Yes, true, he has been and is married to a beautiful woman, but it is clear that if good looks were the premise of a marriage, then there’s a good chance it won’t work, as Mirror Has Two Faces, illustrates.

Claire says of her husband, Alex, that he is “gorgeous, rich and straight.”  This can also apply to Brosnan in real life.  Because of this, Brosnan fits in well in this movie because of the movie's premise, of a couple getting along in their marriage without sex, and sex is usually paralleled with the possible deception of good looks.

In Alex’s case, his marriage to Rose's sister, Claire, seems to imply that the focus is on good looks and sex, unlike the characters of Rose, played by Barbra Streisand and Gregory, played by Jeff Bridges.  So Alex and Claire's marriage doesn't work out because even though Claire is physically attractive she is focused simply on that and therefore is shallow. 

Pierce Brosnan’s character is needed to show Barbara Streisand’s character that she would rather be loved because of who she is, than by her good looks—or anything else that represents shallowness.

All in all, this is an excellent romantic comedy.

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