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Irish Dreamtime's Movie Evelyn

Evelyn is a must see movie.  Not only is it full of great, filmmaking details, and not only does it have a historical and societal significance, it also shows how Pierce Brosnan has grown as an actor.  Just watching him excel is exciting to watch.

Here are some examples of artistic details:  when a picture, image, dialogue, reinforces the main point of a scene, character, or the movie itself.

  • When Evelyn and the grandfather are driving in the car to St. Joseph where Evelyn is to live with the nuns, Evelyn sees the statue of Joseph holding the Christ child. She points this out. This reinforces the theme of her own father who will soon also hold her in his arms, bring her home and away from the institution where she is an "orphan."
  • Another great detail is when the word, "Love," is mentioned at two significant times. The first is when Aidan Quinn talks about it at the pub and the second time is when Pierce Brosnan talks about it when he takes the stand in court.  Quinn and his companions treat the word lightheartedly, in a pub.  Pierce Brosnan treats it deeply in a court of law.
  • Also, when Evelyn gives her testimony, the camera pans away from her and shows the entire court room.  Why?  Because what she is talking about applies to all, universally speaking.

Here are some examples of excellent Pierce Brosnan scenes:

  • The scene of Brosnan giving his testimony and defending himself is one of those great scenes that can make or break a movie.  In this scene he is carrying the entire movie on his shoulders.  Brosnan carries it with flying colors.  And Bruce Beresford does an effective job of the lighting and camera angles.
  • Another great Brosnan scene is when he is standing in the water telling the solicitor and barrister of his ignored appointment.  Brosnan delivers his dialogue perfectly.  It’s hard to see how it could be better.  It’s one of those moments where it is his and his alone and he shines.

Quinn’s reaction, his close-up, is so well done, after Brosnan delivers his speech with true passion and genuine emotion.  It is at this point that Quinn decides to take Pierce Brosnan's or Desmond Doyle’s case.

  • Scene where Brosnan loses his case in court and the kids go away again, and he sits on the steps crying.  The emotion here is genuine.

So with artistic details, human significance, and universal truths, which are a must for great films, Evelyn delivers its message clearly, honestly and even humorously.

Evelyn is worth your time, not only because it is rich in artistic details, but also because of a great performance by Pierce Brosnan.

I like this movie.  But don’t take my word for it.  Even Ebert and Roeper give their two thumbs up.


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