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Evelyn Film Details

The Artistic Details of Evelyn

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Movies that don’t get as much attention, such as Evelyn, should also be viewed or studied for their artistic details.  This is necessary in appreciating all movie styles, approaches and varied subject matters.  To truly appreciate movies they should be viewed not only for their entertainment value, but also for their worth as pieces of art, where the viewer must be conscious of a movie’s chosen, effective, artistic details.

What are the effective, artistic details of Evelyn?  What is the purpose of each one?

The format for this article will include a complete list of the details and then each will be explained by providing the purpose of each detail.

1.      Black and white pictures

2.      Christmas beginning and ending

3.      Glass of milk

4.      Carriages for the train

5.      Nativity scene

6.      Statue of Joseph holding Jesus

7.      Verdict scenes

8.      Angel rays

9.      Evelyn’s hair, long and short

10.    Pierce Brosnan singing in pub

11.    Irish outdoor, landscape shots

12.    Use of close up when Evelyn watches mother leave

13.    Christmas pudding

14.    The two nuns waiting for Evelyn to get out of car

15.    Black and white sketches

16.    Bow on hair

17.    Pierce Brosnan and priest slugging scene

18.    Frigid Brigitte

19.    6 years scene with girls

20.    Bernadette and aspirin

21.    How to sleep at night scene

22.    Quinn giving Bernadette book scene

23.    Grandpa and Grandma sitting at different benches

24.    Rugby game picture

25.    Statue with caption after classroom scene

26.    Dialogue:  circumstances have improved

27.    Camera shot of paper being moved to show solicitor’s face

28.    Humor scenes:  The “however” moments in the courtroom, kidnap scene,   modern television-TV scene in bar,

29.    Positioning of Bernadette between Brosnan and Quinn in interior car scene, dog race scene where she kisses both men, and tea break scene

30.    Brosnan’s new shoes

31.    Lemonade

32.    Orphan giving money

33.    Connelly, his rosary beads and his drink

34.    The word, love, and the defining of Holy Spirit

35.    Nuns and kids looking out window as Evelyn returns to father

36.    Kids exiting and entering car before and after court room segment

37.    Dialogue:  Brosnan and Quinn in relation to Bernadette

38.    Similarity of camera shot at nativity scene and last scene when Evelyn     runs to father

39.    Song lyrics and Bernadette and Brosnan locking eyes

40.    Sidewalk walking scenes

41.    Girls looking at sketch of Doyle on horse, cut to Sister Brigitte’s testimony

42.    Front of fireplace while await verdict  

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