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Roger Ebert Movie Reviews:  Evelyn and Male Actor Pierce Brosnan

Thanks to Roger Ebert Movie Reviews and Roeper, his colleague, both gave a recommendation for Pierce Brosnan in Evelyn in their Memo To The Academy segment.  This is exciting to see.  For the past several weeks, I’ve been calling our movie listings in our area for Evelyn and the recorded voice says, “Sorry, that movie is not in our database.”  Because I didn’t want to give up, I went online and checked out movies.com.  I typed in Evelyn and typed in my zip code and hit enter.  The message said, “Sorry, Evelyn is not playing within 10 miles of the zip code you’ve entered.”  So the next week I called and looked online, and again the same message.  I kept thinking how lucky Los Angeles and New York residents were.

Now, as I am updating the Pierce Brosnan ebook, it becomes coincidental that Ebert and Roeper show up on TV and mention how Brosnan and Evelyn should be considered during Oscar time.  So I stopped typing on the keyboard and listened to Ebert and Roeper.  I kept saying, Yes!  Support Brosnan not only as James Bond, but also as an actor!  (Consider, for example, Sean Connery winning the Oscar for The Untouchables).

If you are a Pierce Brosnan fan, you wish the best for him and an Oscar nomination would be well deserved, as Ebert and Roeper are not afraid to claim.  As both highly visible movie critics mention, Brosnan has been widely accepted as James Bond, but they both agree that his work in Evelyn deserves Oscar recognition.  It’s good to see these two, known movie critics give support.

I have always been a Pierce Brosnan fan and I had misconceptions about him before writing an electronic book about him.  For example, I was wrong about his background. 

So after discovering more about his life, and how he has overcome many, personal obstacles to live the life he is currently living, I am truly impressed of how far he has made it.

He is a true, success story, not only in his career, but also in his personal life.  This speaks a lot of who he is, a great example for others who wish similar success.

If that isn’t enough to perk your interest in this great actor, maybe this will--He is one of People magazine’s sexiest men.  There are many things in life we should disagree with, and this isn’t one of them. 

Although for Brosnan, he considers this kind of stuff the icing on the cake—tastes good but without substance.  With views like this, no wonder he has gone as far as he could.  He looks for things to continually ground himself.

After watching Ebert and Roeper’s supportive segment on Pierce Brosnan, I go online and happily find that Evelyn is playing in an AMC area theater!  Life is full of coincidences.

So thanks Ebert and Roeper.  Your show gets a two thumbs up!

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