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James Bond Movies:  Die Another Day

As a Pierce Brosnan fan, Die Another Day was fun to watch.  It’s pure action fantasy and as far as Bond movies go, it was well done.  It is a memorable Bond film.  

Because Pierce Brosnan has signed on for a fifth Bond film, I was just thinking about the approach for the next film.  I was watching True Lies with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis and how the comedy was included excellently in the movie.  The action was what it was, action, but it was the comedy that gave it that new angle which made for great entertainment.

So, I think a fifth James Bond movie with Pierce Brosnan should be a combination of Bond and Remington Steele.  Brosnan's costars have revealed that he is actually a very funny person.  He showed this comedic charm in Remington Steele.  So I’d love to see the humorous side of Steele included in the next Bond movie.  Because Pierce Brosnan has hinted that his fifth James Bond may be his last, although he has been told he can keep the role for as long as he wants, a Bond movie that combines the action of Bond with the comedic charm of Steele would be a great way to stretch the boundaries of Bond.  Give action and comedy equal screen time.  Brosnan has proven he can pull this one off.  He can play Steele and Bond, comedy and action, and the result will introduce a new kind of Bond, like Die Another Day has done.

Die Another Day has shown Bond’s vulnerable side while in prison.  Let the next Bond movie show his comedic side.

Of course, this may be an impossible task because of the tradition of James Bond movies.  But it's just a thought.

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