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Pierce Brosnan

Incredible Pierce Brosnan Ebook!

Pierce Brosnan  

- Photo from Official Pierce Brosnan Site

Chapter One


It cannot be denied that Pierce Brosnan’s good looks add to his leading actor status.  This shouldn’t be a surprise or something to criticize because in actuality, audiences seek the good looks of their leading men.  Since the very beginning of the industry, good looks have definitely helped make the stars.  This is illustrated in a television documentary that talked about women throwing themselves out of windows the day Rudolph Valentino died.  It was a very big deal. 

Today, this sounds “unbelievable,” but it does not change the fact that the effect of leading men today on their audiences is similar.  Phrases like, “a god,” or “worship the ground he walks on,” form a whole new language that is communicated not only by word of mouth, but now also via email.  So Pierce Brosnan is simply continuing the tradition of good-looking leading men. 

However, besides Pierce Brosnan’s good looks, what else makes him appealing as a celebrity?  What else do audiences see on the screen?  The answer is the “whole” of Pierce Brosnan.  The experiences of his life provide the unseen fuel that makes him attractive on the screen.  There is something more there besides his good looks.  He says, “The joy and pain of growing up in an environment such as Ireland in the mid-Fifties - I could put that to good use."

Also, in one of his interviews, he talks about how he knew he had “presence.”  He says after he discovered theater, “This was something I could do.  I knew I had a presence, I knew I could fill the space.”

This invisible yet visible appeal is what this electronic book will be about, to explore how the experiences of Pierce Brosnan’s life through his interviews contribute to his appeal on the screen.

Thus, his physical attractiveness is not all.  The camera simply takes the pictures.  Maybe there’s special lighting, make-up, great dialogue, or perfect mood music.  Still even with these, the camera certainly points out good looks, but more importantly, the camera captures depth of character within an actor.  That’s why the camera has no trouble capturing Pierce Brosnan.

For instance, humor is usually the unseen trait Pierce Brosnan fans don’t know about him.  In one of his celebrity profiles, he ends the one-hour special with humor.  He says, “This is your life.  Is it interesting so far?  Are you still with us?”  Then he pretends to fall asleep over his cup and starts to snore.  His humor is likable and he ends his segment by showing the audience his humorous side.

As far as snoring over his life, this electronic book will glimpse into the opposite.  There are many, fascinating stories of broken childhoods and how these determined minds have risen far from their beginnings.  Pierce Brosnan is one of them.  We, his fans, appreciate him for doing something with his life.  He found his passion, acting, and we are grateful he followed through and did not let his dream pass by him.  He grabbed on and took the opportunity to reach his full potential, the life he is living now. 

Thanks to Pierce Brosnan’s example, his life shows that anyone can live to his or her potential, whatever that may be.  There are many celebrities to be admired and he is one of them.

Why?  Because if you don’t know about Pierce Brosnan’s life, you won’t have the knowledge of how far he has truly gone with his life.  Maybe you liked him in Remington Steele.  Maybe you rediscovered him in Lawnmower Man and Mrs. Doubtfire.  Maybe, just maybe, you even saw him play the role of Tai Pan, based on James Clavell’s Noble House.  If you did, you are truly a Pierce Brosnan fan.  Possibly, you went to see him in the James Bond movies, Thomas Crown Affair and Dante’s Peak.  And because you are a courageous fan willing to see him in completely different roles, you watched him grow creatively in Tailor of Panama and admired his passion for acting in Evelyn. 

You’ve seen him in his work, but how about his life?  Will you be more impressed after discovering more about him in this electronic book?  For example, you will discover how his views are a big part of his success.  He says, “I'm comfortable in the suits, I'm comfortable out of the suits.  I'm comfortable with who I am, where I am, I've wished for it, I dreamed it, I worked for it ..."

This electronic book on Pierce Brosnan will look into the stages of his life so far that provide the sought-after appeal he has on the screen.  For sure there will be additional stages, but this electronic book will cover his life up to the present when he is 49 years old.

He talks about his early years in Ireland and England, his determination as a working actor in Hollywood, and his reasons for creating Irish Dreamtime. 

Thus, this electronic book will illustrate, through Pierce Brosnan’s interviews, those things that contribute to his “whole” appeal, not only as a celebrity, but also as an individual with his own set of personal experiences.

Pierce Brosnan Ebook

More quote excerpts:

On choosing roles:

"At this point in my career I have kind of played it safe up to a point and I’ve got by on looks and I got by on playing certain style of acting and so I have nothing to lose now but just to go out there and to do character work and to try to find characters which surprise me and which will keep me alive and keep going creatively as an actor."

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Pierce Brosnan Ebook

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