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Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom ebook here!  Uncover this talented actor!  You are guaranteed to get to know him in this ultimate ebook!

Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom


As we skim through Orlando Bloom’s pictures at the “one website” that is also known as the Internet, to catch a glimpse of what makes this young talent appealing, we arrive at varying conclusions. 

One conclusion can be that all the interest toward this actor is another convincing piece of evidence that we all desire the joy, pains, laughter and the myriad range of human emotion and intellect expressed in the art of filmmaking.  Whether we are taking part in the many mediums of art such as acting, writing, painting, composing, or becoming fans of actors such as Bloom, we all have the need for artistic expression--discovered and yet to be discovered.

Orlando Bloom has been discovered, and because he fulfills our need to express our emotions and thoughts artistically through acting, we appreciate the great length this young talent has taken in keeping us entertained by “drawing us in” to his characters.

This preparation is shown by the fact that for three years, he made sure he had some kind of formal training in the art of acting.  This, added to his natural ability, results in what Orlando Bloom has shown--exceptional acting.  To support this in a serious and lighthearted manner, it has been published that "Orlando's a very serious actor.  That's right, he's not just eye candy.  He's classically trained eye candy." 

This is of course true and we can appreciate the photogenic side of this young actor.  However, Orlando Bloom is more than sugarcoating for the eyes.  For example, he has shown composure when meeting with the media.  He is asked, “Somebody wrote that you members of the Fellowship decided to get a tattoo all together during a night when you were really drunk.  Is that true?”  Orlando answers, “No, that was a serious decision.  It makes us feel part of the same group as humans, not as actors.  Maybe this is rhetorical but it is true.  These are not drunk feelings.”  Orlando has the ability to make his point and answer questions graciously.

This composure is reiterated by Peter Jackson when he says, “We were meeting other actors for Legolas at the same time, and we were getting worried because we hadn't seen anyone who'd be right for the part.  The character had to be graceful, elegant and poised, all the qualities elves should have.  Then we thought, why not Orlando, who had all those qualities.  We gave him the blonde hair and away we went.” 

In addition to poise, Orlando reveals his philosophical side.  He recalls an accident that was more than just recovering from an injury.  He is asked, “Are you also in your private life such a fighter as Legolas is?”  He answers, “Not with flying fists.  More in a spiritual way.  For example I had an accident 4 years ago where I broke my back.  The doctors said that I maybe couldn’t walk again – and nevertheless I managed it.  I believe therefore you have to have a lot of discipline and be a fighter, the will to not give up.  It was a horrible time but on the other hand, through it I learned to appreciate something even more.  There are so many things which we see as if they are self-evident.  But after such an experience, you saw much more being in another light.  Believe me…”  This is what Orlando said during his interviews for Lord Of The Rings.  What does he say during an interview for Kingdom Of Heaven?  A similar answer when he explains, “I explored some pretty dark and hoary corners of my mind because I thought for four days that I would never walk again and then I knew that I would always have problems with my back.  To be honest, it was one of the best things that ever happened to me because it made me realize that life is precious… and that we’re all human and precious.”

This part of Orlando can also be seen in his joy for life.  This is not only shown in the “extreme sports” that he likes to do, it is also shown in his appreciation for his work.  Again and again, he is thankful for the opportunities he has been given.  When he is asked, “Which text would you like to put on a plaque?”  He answers, “Take life as it is and enjoy every day.  I do that myself.  I try to be a cheerful person.  I don’t want my bad mood to spoil my day!” 

In addition to the spiritual aspects and composure of Orlando, he also reveals the practical side of his work.  He talks about his costar, Johnny Depp, in Pirates of the Caribbean, and how Depp portrays his character by digging deep into the crevices of his mind.  What Bloom says of his costar also applies to himself.  It is what emerges from the depths of his own creative mind that ignites the hearts of his many fans. 

Not only that, Bloom has the innate, visual, and artistic appeal in his action sequences as he shoots an arrow in Lord of the Rings or fights with a sword in Pirates of the Caribbean. 

His compelling acting talent and big screen appeal combined, provide audiences a new experience with his presence in the movies.  He has already shown early his ability for solid acting which can translate into more, fresh performances. 

Thus, there are times when the “masses” can be “correct,” and in the case of their support for Bloom, one can’t help and wholeheartedly agree.

One can argue that the masses can be superficial.  One way to respond to this is with a superficial but true answer.  Fans liked him as Legolas and continued to support him as Will Turner.  The appearance change didn’t matter.  So there is something more there that fans like besides his features.  In other words, as he continues to take on varied roles, his appeal is not only in his “candy-wrapper” looks.  In his handful of movies so far, his scenes are strong.  He joins together visual appeal and true talent.

So where can we find these heart-wrenching moments where we watch him in addition to his looks?  For an action scene, he is excellent in one of the battle scenes in Two Towers where he uses a shield to slide down the stairs as he shoots the enemy with arrows.  He talks about the work involved to make this scene graceful.  "I had to train pretty extensively to get fluidity and the kind of grace and ease of movement that distinguishes an Elf.  Training with the bow and arrow was a great way to find my character.  I got pretty good.  At the end, my archery instructor would throw a paper plate into the air, and I could nail it with an arrow."  Orlando Bloom became his character, and Peter Jackson did his part by filming him so beautifully. 

For a talking scene, Bloom shows his talent in Pirates of the Caribbean.  In the theatrical version, after he arrives at the governor’s mansion, he holds the sword close to his face and with his other free arm outstretched over the sword, he speaks his dialogue so convincingly.  Thus, as he describes the love and care he gave in making the sword, he is in fact speaking of his love for the governor’s daughter.  In this scene, Bloom shows his exceptional talent.  His acting is hard to describe, except that I felt along with him in this scene.

Another excellent talking scene includes the time in Two Towers when Legolas speaks in Elvish and confronts Aragorn about the futility of Helms Deep right before the battle begins.  Legolas ends up apologizing to Aragorn by saying, “We have trusted you this far.  You have not led us astray.  Forgive me, I was wrong to despair.”  In this interaction, Orlando shows his incredible talent.  Even if brief, this talking scene is excellently done and is delivered close to “perfect” as possible.  As Bloom gains more acting experience, he may deliver these lines a little differently now.  However, his talent here is clear.

He also shows his talent during a “mute” shot in Kingdom of Heaven.  When his father approaches him for the first time, his speechlessness and expressions are genuinely effective.  These examples are what make Bloom’s acting irresistible to his young fans and appealing to his older fans. 

He can be intense, but he can also have a lighthearted view, as shown by his answer to this question:  “You must be relieved to finally have Lord of the Rings coming out?”  He replies, “I'm excited but nervous too.  How do you prepare yourself for what everybody keeps telling me it will mean when it comes out?  You just don't know, do you?  But I'm sure I'll hear every joke you can think of about Legolas; ‘Legolas in the pub’ and ‘Are you really a fairy?’  You can imagine:  I'm just really going to get it.”

What Legolas is going to get is the admiration of his fans.  Thus, this ebook will look into finding those characteristics that make Orlando Bloom not only a great find as an acting talent, but also as a remarkable person.

This ebook is divided to reveal Orlando Bloom’s views on many topics, and because this ebook is updated, what he has said in his earlier interviews become clarified or re-emphasized with his later ones.  That is, the boy from Lord Of The Rings has become the man in Kingdom Of Heaven.

In this Orlando Bloom ebook, Chapter One shows his excitement as a “green actor” toward filmmaking.  Chapter Two recalls his acting training and influences on his chosen career.  Chapter Three shares many thoughts on his role as Legolas and the “work” part of acting.  Chapter Four reveals what he does to prepare for a role.  Chapter Five expounds more on his thoughts about acting.  Chapter Six touches on his early years growing up in England.  Chapter Seven discusses his years as a teenager and as an actor-in-training who caught some attention from his early acting roles.  Chapter Eight lists many things he does during his down time.  Chapter Nine talks about his free time during the shooting of Lord Of The Rings.  Chapter Ten focuses on his thoughts about New Zealand, the starting place of his movie-acting life.  Chapter Eleven presents his varied views about Lord Of The Rings.  Chapter Twelve addresses his reflections on fame and Chapter Thirteen recounts his experience of making Kingdom of Heaven. 

So next time we go online and find the many websites on Orlando Bloom, we will find that he is from Canterbury, England, is 5’11” and was born on January 13, 1977.  In addition to this brief biography, this ebook will uncover this young and proven talent as he leaves obscurity and faces stardom, not only as an actor, but also as a young man.

However, should we find that the Internet has become “extinct,” and there are no Orlando Bloom websites to be found, we can still say with confidence that his artistic ability to express “ourselves” continues to be celebrated, such as in this ebook.


"I really enjoyed it.  Gave a lot of information in a clear, compact form.  I'd definitely order again."


- Laura Goodwin, llg0927 @ dwx.com


"Dear Marina,
Thank you for the update on the Orlando Bloom ebook.  It has a lot of different information about him that you don't find in many of the magazines that I read.  I bought a book about Orlando, and your ebook is much better and gives more information, not just the same old stuff that you usually get."


- Melissa, shellkatt @ hotmail.com


Orlando Bloom is 70 pages and the Three Free Gifts are 26 pages for a total of 96 pages.

Orlando Bloom is available in the following:

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