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Male Celebrity Russell Crowe Words on Commitment

Russell Crowe EbookIn the Larry King Live interview with Crowe and Ron Howard to promote the movie, A Beautiful Mind, Larry King asked Crowe if he was in love.  Crowe responded with a nod of acknowledgement, but wished not to discuss it further. 

As a male celebrity, Crowe did say in a CNN People feature how he felt about how the media can ruin his joy of asking the woman he loves for her hand in marriage.  Crowe said that should he be fortunate enough to find "the woman" he would like to commit to, then he will not be given the chance to enjoy his own joyful news of his own engagement.  Instead, the media would have it spread everywhere and he would not be given the private happiness of looking forward to his wedding and marriage.

The fact that the People feature showed a skyview shot of his farm in Australia, which showed only the roofs of the houses and other buildings, proves how difficult it would be for Crowe to keep his love commitments “media-less.”  There will be helicopters flying overhead to take unsolicited pictures.

So even though Crowe feels he should separate his private relationships from his work, this will be a task he will have to continue adapting to.  Like Maximus in Gladiator, Crowe has won over the crowd, and has become a movie star.  If only Crowe could keep his joys of his relationships private.  It’s possible, if he were not a movie star.

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