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Movie Actors Russell Crowe and Pierce Brosnan

Both actors share similar paths to stardom.  They both have literally “made it” as actors but it came after many years of working.  Russell Crowe worked in Australia before arriving in Hollywood.  Pierce Brosnan worked as Remington Steele and took on roles in many films before James Bond.

So demand for their talents did happen overnight, but only after years of making sure they continued working.

After the movie, The Quick and The Dead, Crowe did not find instant accolades in Hollywood.  After Remington Steele, Pierce Brosnan did not find his blockbuster niche until James Bond.

Still, both men continued to work.  Crowe did LA Confidential and Insider and found recognition but not like what Gladiator was about to do for him.  Brosnan worked on Lawnmower Man and Mrs. Doubtfire.  He reminded audiences that he was still around.  At least this was my reaction when I saw him in these two movies.  I had forgotten how I had enjoyed watching him in Remington Steele.  So when Goldeneye hit the theaters, I had to go see how well he would do as James Bond.  The rest is his obvious success as James Bond.  It can be summed up in what he is called:  “The Billion Dollar Bond.”

Moreover, both actors found that acting was what they wanted.  For Brosnan, he called acting his “home.”  This is significant considering the fact that his childhood home was a broken home.  Crowe shares a similar view of “home” because in an interview he reveals that in some way he is jealous of others who grew up in actual “homes.”  Also, in a TOFOG song, the lyrics say, “the circus was just like home.”  This can be interpreted that the world of acting is where Crowe also finds home.

So these two, great, movie actors have shown their sheer determination and love for acting.  And we, the fans, appreciate them for it.

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