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Daniel Craig

New and incredible ebook on Daniel Craig!  Uncover this fascinating man and actor!  You are guaranteed to get to know him in this ultimate ebook!

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig



There is a scene in the movie, Casino Royale, where Daniel Craig is typing his resignation on his laptop to email to M.  I was thinking and feeling the same for a much-needed break from ebook writing.  But what do you do when a Daniel Craig happens to show up on the big screen?  You pause from hitting the “Enter” key and don’t submit your resignation.

I’ve only seen Daniel Craig four times, in the movie, Road To Perdition, as a guest on Letterman, in Casino Royale, and in Munich.  Based on these four times I’ve seen him, I’ve decided to write an ebook on this actor.  Why?  Simply put, that is what I do.  I write ebooks and I’m always on the lookout for a male, lead role whose acting is exceptional, and Daniel Craig is one of those actors.  Thus, it’s time to see his other movies to back-up my gut feelings, which may or may not hit the mark.  But that is for another day.

First, this ebook must be written.  In the very tense movie, Munich, Craig has some of the lighter scenes within the backdrop of a great movie that keeps you on edge and won’t let you relax.  Watch him in the radio tuning scene or when he offers a plate of lunch to a coworker.  Also, Craig was excellent in Perdition and his supporting, bad-guy role in that movie made it possible for the good guy to appear just that.  Craig’s scene, especially the dinner table scene, where he mixes love, hate, and jealousy at the same time, so well, stayed with me and in the back of my mind I wondered if anyone else noticed.  It appears someone did, and Craig has now taken the Bond and Ian Fleming banner and moved it to another level.

That level can be summarized on his guest appearance in Letterman.  He completed that interview with flying colors as he was very likable and was able to take well the needling humor.  He wore a gray suit with jeans, giving a first glimpse of Bond with a realistic edge.  The suit is for the image of Bond, and the jeans is for Daniel Craig as himself and what he can give to the franchise.  It’s a joining of the two.

Still, I didn’t go see the movie.  It’s the holidays and there are out-of-town trips and I was looking forward to more leisurely days.  So why am I taking time to write an ebook on Daniel Craig after seeing him only four times?

Blame it on my husband.  This is how it all started.  My eight-year old son and I were in Oklahoma City watching the Pistons visit the Hornets on January 4, 2007.  This was part of my way of taking a break from websites and ebooks.  On our return, my husband tells me he took our six-year old son to see Casino Royale while we were away even though the movie is PG-13, but that’s another story.  He raves about the movie.  He raves about Daniel Craig.  He raves about how the story is more realistic.  “It’s the best Bond movie I’ve ever seen,” he claims, something he’s said before.  I raise my eyebrows at him because, yes, he is a Bond fan, but for him to say it’s the best?  I even bring up all the other Bonds and still he says Casino Royale is the best Bond!  So I tell him that a friend had mentioned to me that the new Bond could be the next ebook.  The thought stayed with me, but I didn’t act on it.

To continue with his excitement for this new Bond movie, my husband excites our eight-year old, who, now, also wants to see the movie, so they go again.  I stay home because I see it as a great opportunity to rest, especially after the long drive from going to see an NBA game.

After the movie, that night, my eight-year-old had trouble sleeping, so I asked him if it had anything to do with the movie, and he answered, “Kind of.”  So I think, wow, that movie has that effect?  I quickly recall Daniel Craig’s effect on me after seeing him on Road To Perdition.  This is the first time I have the inclination that maybe this Bond is not like what the kids have watched over and over again with their dad, a PG-13 battle I keep losing.  I also recall my husband’s words of “He’s more human.  Bond’s not always the good guy.  There’s also some bad in him.”

Because my husband continues with his praises, and this does not happen very often, believe me, I go online to start reading about Daniel Craig.  To my surprise, I saw before me, more late nights of reading, compiling, and writing, because this actor did seem like an interesting topic to know further.  But I couldn’t start writing until I’ve seen Casino Royale, so my husband tells me when the movie is going to be showing because he had already looked this up, and to his good fortune, the movie was still in the theaters.  The date is Tuesday, January 9, 2007, when I saw the movie, a long delay after it opened on November 17, 2006.

So this is how this ebook got started.  First, from a friend mentioning it, second, from my husband’s hysterics, and third, from the fact that I saw Craig stand out in supporting roles in two movies and in a starring role that revives a new type of Bond.

Craig says that it was the script that made him change his mind in accepting the role because in previous interviews he would not confirm the rumors of him being considered as the next Bond.  Craig reveals, “The script really…and Barbara badgering me.  I hadn’t seen a script at that point, and I was obviously giving it serious thought then.  I’d have been stupid not to.  But I hadn’t seen a script and the process hadn’t really gotten going.  Once I sat down and read the story, I just thought that I wanted to tell this story.  I really do.  I mean, I’m a big Bond fan, and I love what he represents, and it was almost slightly annoying to finally read it and go, ‘Oh, Jesus! It’s good!’  And that was it, and we were away.”

Daniel Craig saw a chance to add another face to Bond, the kind Craig has already accomplished.  While some fans may have wanted him to fit into what they thought Bond should be, Craig broke those barriers and instead portrayed a Bond that cannot be put inside a box.  Give Craig credit for his resolve in dealing with all the backlash, something not many actors experience before their movie is even shown.

If you were to take Casino Royale, rename it and remove all references to Bond, the movie can stand up by itself.  This can be possible with Craig as the leading role, as he has shown in this movie.  However, this movie does meet the franchise’s criteria, but then twists it to another angle with scenes like the naked, torture scene or the cardiac arrest scene.  Yes, Bond can die.  This movie introduces this new concept to all the baggage that came before.  Not only that, Bond can truly love.  We all know what happens afterwards.

When an actor can succeed in carrying on the Bond mantle, it is something to celebrate, not only for himself but also for the fans.  Thus, this ebook has been created.

I do not know Daniel Craig, as is the case with my celebrity ebooks, but like you, I want to uncover more about him.  He reveals his views on many topics, including relationships, mistakes, and hard work.  So this ebook has been compiled from the Internet and the media, including articles, reviews, and his own interviews, all put together and divided into the following chapters:  The first chapter touches upon Craig’s family background and acting beginnings.  The second chapter discusses his work as an actor as well as his views about acting.  The third chapter looks into those behind the scenes activities that he does when he isn’t in front of the camera.  The fourth chapter reveals his words on his movie roles.  The fifth uncovers his feelings about Bond.  The sixth gives his filmography as well as links to many of his pictures and videos.

While Daniel Craig may have hit the “Enter” key and submitted his resignation to M, he ended up changing his mind.  That’s what happens when an ebook must be written about him.

"Thanks for excellent book!"


- Judye Freeman, Orlando, Florida (unsolicited response) 


"Just wanted to let you I did receive the ebook from you.  What I have read so far has been great - well written, easy to read and very informative.  Thanks for putting this book together."

- Lillian Jen-Payzant, Saskatchewan (unsolicited response)

"Your E-book on Daniel Craig is great - well worth the purchase price.   If I may though and it's just a thought ... photographs would enhance the value of the E-book considerably!!"

 - Helen, Melbourne, Australia
(unsolicited response)


"As a huge James Bond fan, I was anxiously awaiting the latest movie, Casino Royale.  I was quite perplexed, however, as I had never heard of Daniel Craig and I was wondering and worrying....who on earth is he?  And how will he perform as James Bond?  Well, this book by Marina has answered all my questions and then some.  The mystery is gone and my fears alleved.  Her book on Daniel Craig is very well written and has a logical flow to it.  I was surprised at how much detail of his life is presented.  It has enough detail and acting information for those in tune with Hollywood but at the same time is not above the heads of those of us who are casual movie-goers and not familiar with the business.  Overall, a very good book.  I enjoyed getting to know this new Bond."


- PJ Lyman


"I loved your ebook on Daniel Craig.  Well done."


- Frances Peine


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