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Channing Tatum in White House Down

Channing Tatum in White House Down lives up to what is expected in this type of movie and to your surprise it’s a whole lot better, especially when audiences become accustomed to such types of movies. All the actors play their roles well, and the new talent of the daughter is well done.

Because movies like this sometimes find themselves in the stratosphere of action, action, and more action, this movie has plenty of down to earth moments that make the action not only for its own sake. There is a social purpose as well as a loving purpose, as John Cale must save the President of the United States, and at the same time also save his own daughter.

Down to earth moments include Cale talking to a squirrel at a bird feeder, the daughter calling Cale, “John,”  the President needing to put on his glasses, the President choosing name brand tennis shoes, the head of the secret service taking pills for his tumor, the daughter’s fear joined with courage to use the cell phone, the insanity behind a person who computer hacks, inability to overcome loss of family members because of war as shown by the wife, interviewing for a job and not getting it, father’s absence during child’s school event.

While the President and a father who wants to be in the secret service “suddenly” find themselves in an action movie, the violence, whether serious or comedic, as Foxx and Tatum convey both, the violence in this action movie is underscored by peace, when a small act such as flag waving by the daughter can make a difference. If you find yourself crying at this point, it’s okay.

Also, for many sons and daughters, there are many fathers out there as outstanding as a John Cale, who rises to the occasion when needed. This is said with the understanding that in an action movie, the hero father such as Cale is super-emphasized.

Another observation is while the movie is very long, around 2 hours and 17 minutes, you leave the theater thinking how it didn’t feel long at all and because of this, you are appreciative. Go see this movie. It's worth your time.


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